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Admin Application Template V2
Please make sure you meet all the requirements before applying.

1. You must be +14 year's old
2. You need to have reached 24 hours of playtime on the server. (No exceptions)
3. You must be active on the community.
4. You must have a good understanding of the rules and command hierarchy.
5. You must have a working microphone.
6. You must be fluent in English.

If you don't meet ALL requirements, you won't be accepted.

Note that all staff applications are reviewed on a case by case basis.
There isn't any minimum review period but we will obey FIFO (First In, First Out)
PM'ing staff to review your application will be ignored and will negatively affect the odds of becoming an admin.
Please be patient and good luck!


Personal Information

Your steam profile name(s):

Your in-game name(s):

Your age:

Where you are from:

Tell us about yourself:

Can you speak fluent English?
If no, do not apply.

What's your playtime on the server?

Have you got any experience as a staff member?

What makes you stand out?

How many warnings do you currently have?
Do not apply, if you have more than 3 warnings

What is the most important skill to have?

Situational Awareness

If you are sent a suspicious link by a player, the player claiming for it to be evidence towards a rulebreaker, what do you do?

A player in the chatbox says he is going to DDoS-attack the server if he gets banned. How would you deal with it?

A player is harassing another player, what would you do in this scenario?

A player is shouting racial slurs through OOC, what would you do?

If someone has RDMed someone, and it was their first offense, how would you deal with it?

If you are off-duty and you see a "Mass RDMer", how would you deal with it?

A police officer is running around on the street and has arrested a group of people. How do you deal with this?

A Gangster has placed a 'Building' text screen on his base and is printing money inside of his base. What do you do?

A Gangster mugs someone for the amount of 50k. What do you do?

An admin popup appears and you are not an admin on duty. What do you do?

You agree to:

If you are accepted, will you be active on the PN Admin Council?

Do you agree to follow the hierarchy command?

Will you be active in-game?

Will you be active on the forums?

Do you understand that you will be representing the PeacefulNukes community, if accepted?

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