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[WIP] DarkRP Mining Guide
DarkRP Mining Guide

So you want to be a miner?
Fine here's a simplified guide on everything you need to know!

Mine: The mine entrance is located in the "Spooky House" territory

Rock types:

In the server, rocks and "mini" rocks have a specific rock type, from the following list.
  • Emerald - Dark green
  • Gold - Gold, yellow
  • Silver - Light green
  • Bronze - Brown
  • Rock - white
For prices check the mine NPC!

Step 1: Breaking the Rock

By selecting a miner job you get a pickaxe, you hit the rocks until the rock breaks.
You should aim for Emerald types

Around 3 rocks should have spawned, the rock type of these "mini" rocks is randomly determined by it's parent rock type.
Each rock can be a 1 tier lowe, the same tier or a tier higher of the parent rock.

Buy a mining cart and put the "mini" rocks inside it until it's full

Step 2: Foundry

Whenever you want to smelt your items into money you can simply put the cart into one of the foundries.
The time it takes to process depends on the amount of rocks, not the rock type.
At the end of the timer a barrel should spawn

Step 3: Selling your barrel

By putting the barrel on a barrel carrier you automatically sold all your batch.
Start from 1 for money money, simple as that!


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