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March 2019 Patch
Added corpses
Added respawn time
Added GTA like wanted star rating
Added safe zones
Removed PCMod
Fixed loading screen
Added slots machines
Added double or nothing machine
Added Coin Flips
Added Unboxing
Updated MOTD Rules (Color change)

Remove Meth Cook
Create Chemist job
Create Advanced chemist job (donator job)?
Add more items to tStore
Add more titles on title store
Updated DarkRP base to 1.7.0 (Latest today)
Created "darkrpmodification" and merged all old settings with new settings
Added Emergency Chat, can be used with /911 or !911 or /112 or !112
Added emergency message "Deposit lock tampering detected!" when deposit locks are being opened -- thank you Stacks for the suggestion!
Nerfed Advanced meth labs
Buffed meth labs
Cheap Meth Lab now has buyable gas
Reduced Advanced Meth Labs to 1 Million
Updated MOTD Rules (Color change)
Added elegant printers
Removed Lithium printers
Fixed elegant printers
Added weapons to the back of the players
Added csgo permanent weapons case and key
GTA like stars now flash
Fixed arrest baton not arresting people
Removed Skullcrusher weapon
Added tStore
Added Title Store
Change Spawn Area
Fixed hitman menu bug
Added Zero's FireCrackers
Added Illegal Firework Maker
Made Firecracker machine increase max resources on level
A box now costs 50k for users, 100k for donators, 150k for donator+
Remade printer tiers
Increased ammo prices
Increased shipment prices
Added Ricardo Millo job for Donator
Added Pet Job for Donator
Keys now have a 3rd person mode by pressing tab once while with them equipped
Players can now respawn in jail
Changed slot machine prizes
Disabled coin pusher machine's idle music
activated coin pusher lockpick system if there is a police officer or chief
Added Lightsaber for 300 million on TStore
Added manhacks to Tstore for 50k non permanent
players now spawn with weapons from tstore

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