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April 2019
Lightsaber damage is now fixed
Wunderwaffe damage reduced to 50 and it can zap 5 close enemies

2 playable pianos where added to PDPark
Added hoverboard seller
   Added Mr.Plank for 250 thousand
   Added Mr.PlankV2 for 500 thousand
   Added Normal Board for 2.5 million
   Added Long Board for 5 million
   Added Trick Board for 7.5 million
   Added hackjob for 50 million
   Added Huvaboard for 100 million
   Added Squint for 200 million
   Added Unreal for 250 million
   Added Hotrod for 300 million
   Added Police Hoverboard accessible only to police for free, this board is has the same speed of hackjob
added lightsaber to no license weapons
added csgo knives to drop blacklist
created whitelist for apanti for ghosting
Added forum donations page

Added !stuck command to unstuck players
Added aScoreboard
Minor bugfixes
added Terrorist job for donator
added terrorist leader job for donator+
Added Zero's fruit slicer
Added Shake Dealer job
added gmaps
terrorists now spawn underground

added c4 to terrorists
added rpg7 to explosives dealer and terrorists
fixed double or nothing's jackpot
fixed fruit slicer's permissions to allow anyone above donator to make any shake

removed mgangs
added elite party
added bitminers + extras

added more donator entity settings:
mining cars

adv methlabs:

Cheap methlab Stoves

weed pots:
donator :10
user :5

meth lab:
donator :2
user :1
Fixed some job descriptions and increased their max
Casino machines now require the player to be close to play
minor bugfixes
added pVault

Reduced respawn time
Reduced arrest time to 60 seconds per star
Thinking of adding bail NPC that consumes a wallet percentage, thus creating more risk and a quick way to get out of jail for a price

added color smoothing to rainbow physgun

added pretty gradients to printers
increased printer's max ink and ink upgrades
decreased weed grow time to 10 minutes
Changed weed buyer name to "Snoop Dog"
fixed bitminer's content
made bitminers not purchaseble for cps
made printers not purchaseable for cps
security flaws were fixed

increased bitcoin miner s2 multiplier rate to 1.25
increased bitcoin miner server multiplier rate to 1.5

fixed 2 major "needtochangefrom" bugs where the job was inaccessible
Added unarrest batton to terrorist leader
Added frag grenades to swats except recruit
Added master thief back
m9k knives now work

removed custom mining addon
added gmining
added vfire
added firefighter job wtih fire extinguisher (you dont get paid for clearing fires yet)
added new rare weapons
added peely and sharky playermodels to pet
replaced prostitute skin for someone more eye catching
added some vfire weapons
buffed wunderwaffe to 99 damage
buffed cheap meth labs
buffed advanced meth labs
replaced combat medic playermodel with plague doktor
boosted max props to 50
increased donator+ money grant to 300 million
increased donator money grant to 150 million
increased thursted money grant to 25 million
members now have a salary multiplier of 1.25
thrusted now have a salary multiplier of 1.5
Faster lockpicking rates now locked for Master Thief job
Faster keypad cracking rates now locked for Expert Hacker job
added nav map to rp_downtown_tits_v1 thus making gmaps "navigate to here" possible
added dragon's breath to gmining
added vflamethrower to gmining
added inferno cannon to gmining
manhacks now damage players
Changes in prices on tstore
added m1a0 gun to tstore (permanent)
added yeet gun to tstore (permanent)
added raygun mk2 to gmining for donators and above
disabled permanent weapon spawns
added a ton of new text chat voices (UNDONE)

Fixed workshop downloads from hanging
removed a ton of new chat voices sry

fixed unbox's ray gun mk2

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