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PeacefulNukes's DarkRP Rules


1. Use common scense
2. Don't Hack or Exploit
3. Don't PropKill/PropPush/PropSurf/PropClimb/Propblock
4. Scamming is not allowed
5. Don't impersonate staff members
6. OOC flaming or disrespect is not allowed, although verbal abuse while roleplaying (non-ooc) is allowed
7. Don't Random DeathMatch [RDM] (kill someone without a reason)
8. You must respect New Life Rule [NLR] (E.g.: die, spawn and kill the guy that killed you because he killed you)
9. Don't abuse your job
10. Don't disconnect or run away while in admin sit, this will lead to a permanent ban
11. Don't voice spam
12. Don't spawn kill
13. Threats agaist staff or server will be taken seriously and will be dealt severely
14. No nudity/porn
15. KOS lines are allowed
16. Mugging is allowed, remember to advert mug
17. You can kidnap the mayor and bank chairman
18. Government may build in the police department
19. Dealers may not self supply and switch job
20. You can't block the theater screen
21. You can't build in the theater room
22. Permanent weapons may be confiscated as needed, but they are not illegal

Admins and Admin Sit:

1. Admins must not abuse their powers, (e.g noclip)
2. Admins need to be fair on their cases
3. Admins must not disrespect users
4  If you are doing admin sit, you must not leave players hanging


1. Criminals may raid
2. The government may raid if they have proof of law breaking
3. The government may not raid the PD
4. You must wait 10 minutes in-between raiding or mugging.
5. You must wait 15 minutes to raid the same base
6. You can't raid someone that is being raided
7. Medics can't raid alone
8. Hitmen may raid with a contract
9. You can't raid bases with a building sign
10. Only gangsters/mob boss can mug
11. You must advert raid to start any kind of raid
12. You must advert mug [demand of money] to start mugging, maximum mugging price is 10k
13. You must advert "ally assist" before assisting your allies


1. Mayor can't set absurd rules (like "the floor is lava")
2. Corrupt government officials aren't allowed
3. Mayor can't start random lockdowns
4. Government officials can't make a secondary base, your base is the PD
5. Government officials can't stun baton spam other people that's failrp
6. Government officials can't randomly weapon check someone
7. Government officials can't raid without an warrent
8. It's always illegal to kill someone
9. Government officials must arrest anyone that does something illegal according the the laws
10. Government officials must not have money printers
11. The Mayor must not use guns

Building rules:

1. Don't fade door abuse (e.g. open and close fading doors unfairly)
2. If you have fading doors then they must have a keypad visible and close to it. 1 to 2 keypads per door
3. Your base must have always one entrance, you are allowed to block other entrances IF you conserve one of them
4. A player must be able to enter and exit your building without having to remove any props
5  While building a base you can't have money printers and other entities
6. You can't base on property you don't own
7. You can't build on roofs you don't own
8. You can't base in the streets
9. You can't block tunnels
10. You can't base big sections of the map
11. You can't build near NPCs

Updated on: 3rd of April 2019
Note: Underline means change or addition

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