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my post for mod
Your steam profile name(s):METSREDAGALINHA2

Your in-game name(s):mestredagalinha

Your age:14

Where you are from:portugal

Tell us about yourself:I speak 4 languages like to help others I try to listen to both sides of the story and I am always happy I have a lot skills and I like to kneel the others when she something happens.

Can you speak fluent English?yes
If no, do not apply.

What's your playtime on the server? i dont no

Have you got any experience as a staff member?yes

What makes you stand out?What makes me be a part of it and that I really like to help both in programming and in the game.

How many warnings do you currently have? 0
Do not apply, if you have more than 3 warnings

What is the most important skill to have? speak 4 languages
Situational Awareness

If you are sent a suspicious link by a player, the player claiming for it to be evidence towards a rulebreaker, what do you do?It would not open because it could be a virus but if it were a youtubo vidio or some son-in-law site opened to see.

A player in the chatbox says he is going to DDoS-attack the server if he gets banned. How would you deal with it? perm ban.

A player is harassing another player, what would you do in this scenario? put em in a sit and see if was realy bad i do a warrning on em 

A player is shouting racial slurs through OOC, what would you do?jail myb 2 m or just said too stop

If someone has RDMed someone, and it was their first offense, how would you deal with it? warrning

If you are off-duty and you see a "Mass RDMer", how would you deal with it? perm ban

A police officer is running around on the street and has arrested a group of people. How do you deal with this? jail for a long time and warrning
A Gangster has placed a 'Building' text screen on his base and is printing money inside of his base. What do you do?Destroys the Impresoras and gave a warrning and jail for some timing

A Gangster mugs someone for the amount of 50k. What do you do?Try to talking about co he to realize why he's doing it but if it's really bad to call bad name par the other kind I'll give a warrning and porvalvemt jail for a while

An admin popup appears and you are not an admin on duty. What do you do? hello wnt play with mee

You agree to:

If you are accepted, will you be active on the PN Admin Council?yes  i will

Do you agree to follow the hierarchy command?yes

Will you be active in-game?yes

Will you be active on the forums?yes sir

Do you understand that you will be representing the PeacefulNukes community, if accepted? yes

Sorry, you don't meet the age requirement (+16)
Poor written English

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