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With dedication we can achieve more
This is community has surpassed the lifespan of any former gaming communities I've build over the long years on GMod, I've learned that rebuilding from scratch is not the best idea for maintaining a community (duh), it's through active development and engagement.

Even with enough experience  from former communities and all the drama and backstabs there were before, one cannot rebuild a community faster. It's with experience one can rebuild better. These communities and server projects taught me a lot about modern coding and even system administration skills. I would be happy to put PeacefulNukes into my curriculum as a proof of effort, dedication and preseverance to achieve more than before.

Last but not least, members, like you, are the reason I keep pushing PeacefulNukes forward. If you want to help keep us moving, please visit the Portal at

Have Fun
Don't Go Nuclear

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